Patients care and diagnosis

The Institute for Medical Microbiology is responsible for microbiological diagnosis of the university hospital, external hospitals and practitioners. In this context, classical methods of microbiology such as isolation, microscopy and culture techniques are offered. In addition, for specific diagnostical questions, molecular biological assays (PCR, LCR) are used An S3-safety laboratoy is available for critical diagnostical purposes (i.e. tuberculosis). Finally, serological methods for the identification of antigens or antibodies are available.

Innovative diagnostical test procedures are developped on a regular base. For this reason, the Institute for Medical Microbiology has gained national and international recognition and is a so-called consultant or expert laboratoy for the following infectious diseases:

Advice and consultation in the field of clinical microbiology is provided by phone or personal contact. For this reason, a physician of the department is on duty all the time and can be reached by cellular phone. Finally, regular clinical rounds for infectious diseases are offered especially for the intensive care units of the university hospital.