In addition to the regular lectures and courses of Medical Microbiology for medical and dentistry students, the Institute for Medical Microbiology offers courses that try to link theory and practice in an interdisciplinary approach.

The Interdisciplinary Colloquium of Clinical Microbiology is organized together with lecturers from multiple clinical departments of the university hospital and tries to teach infectious diseases: Based on a clinical case with presentation of a patient, correct anamnesis, the procedures of clinical examination, microbiological techniques and therapeutical options will be discussed and actively performed together with the students.

The course of Interdisciplinary Tropical Medicine and Parasitology is offered for students of all disciplines and is organized together with experts in tropical medicine from the universities of Würzburg, Heidelberg and the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute Hamburg. This course links aspects of basic research (pathogenicity and immunology) with practical aspects of tropical medicine.

In the course of Molecular Parasitology medcial students and students of biology learn together molecular aspects and principles of parasitology.

Medical Mycology is intended to promote this emerging discipline of medical microbiology.